Our Unique Method

Fluency is an Indonesian language school for foreigners who want high-quality teaching and excellent student service. Fluency has a school in Lombok, and in Jakarta we deliver lessons in your office or home.

Our students have told us we are successful because we apply a student-centric philosophy that approaches each customer as an individual, prioritises flexibility in addressing their needs and works hard to make their learning fun.

We specialise in one-on-one tuition, and we keep our class sizes small because we know that class size can be important in determining the quality and speed of learning in Indonesian language courses. This ensures that each student receives individual attention from their teacher and therefore ensure our high quality of teaching. This philosophy encourages engagement, increases motivation, and improves the students’ overall language learning experience.

We divide classes into:

  • Private classes, with 1-2 students
  • Group classes, with 3-5 students

(Please note that we do not usually form classes – students must form/arrange their own groups)

Our people

The Fluency team combines Indonesians with long experience of teaching Indonesian language courses and foreigners with diverse experience of language learning. Our experience teaching and learning Indonesian inspired us to focus on quality of delivery and excellent customer service. We have drawn on feedback from hundreds of Indonesian language students and many hours of Bahasa Indonesia lessons to develop learning options that provide flexibility in methods and maintain strong standards across the portfolio – each student is unique, so we are flexible around their needs and are determined in providing them with the highest quality.

Vicki Dewi

Vicki Dewi

General Manager

Vicki has spent a dozen years developing foreign students’ Bahasa Indonesia skills among businesspeople, diplomats and tourists, which has included a focus on quality while working with foreigners living in Indonesia and short-term visitors from Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America and Asia. Drawing from these successes, Vicki designed a curriculum for Fluency that maximises speed and enjoyment in learning Bahasa Indonesia.

Seeing Success

Our experience of Indonesian language lessons around the country has told us that an area of language acquisition that is often overlooked is natural speech. At Fluency, we teach our students the nuts and bolts of grammar and vocabulary, then go beyond to include training in the nuances of the language as used by native speakers. Students who have been to Fluency develop a more natural flow.

We measure the success of our work on two metrics:

  1. The effectiveness of student learning, observed through feedback and testing before, during and after the course.
  2. How our ex-students promote us and our language teaching, observed through continuing engagement and recognition by new customers.