Class levels

We organise our Bahasa Indonesia language tuition in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, described in more detail to the right. Each module can be completed in approximately 60 hours of tuition. We also provide a preliminary assessment for each student to support them in starting with the right level of language proficiency, materials and study methods to accelerate their effort to learn Indonesian.

For students who are at the Intermediate or Advanced level, there is the option to take Specialist streams that develop specific language skills for diplomats, businesspeople, students, volunteers and tourists. Our courses and standards are recognised as qualifying for government support, such as the US Foreign Language and Area Studies Program – click here for an example.

Learning a language to a high level of skill generally requires many hours outside the classroom to practice and be challenged in natural situations. The outlines below explain what we focus on and test for at each class level when preparing students to learn Indonesian.
Students who have excelled at the beginner level will be able to understand and use frequent expressions, communicate routine issues confidently and be able to describe themselves, background and simple interests. Passing the beginner level of language learning is a suitable goal for tourists and expatriates without the need to interact fluently in Bahasa Indonesia in complex situations.
Knowledge and skill at the intermediate level provides a solid foundation for professional and natural communication in the Indonesian language. Students will understand the main ideas of complex texts and abstract topics in areas or fields with which they are familiar. In conversation, they will be able to interact with others smoothly and have a high level of confidence with grammar, but may still miss nuances of native speakers. Achieving an intermediate level of Indonesian is a suitable goal for the majority of foreigners who will use the language regularly in social situations or familiar professional environments.
Finishing the advanced level of language proficiency will signal that a student is capable of communicating accurately and confidently in virtually every situation and on all topics. They will approximate a native speaker in their ability to differentiate shades of meaning and in their spontaneity of communication while using Bahasa Indonesia. Passing this level is a suitable goal for students who have a need for working effectively in challenging business or diplomatic situations, or who have a longer term interest in staying in Indonesia.
Our specialised Indonesian language lessons are suitable for students who have a focused ambition for communication in a particular field, such as diplomacy and politics, business, education and social work. We are attentive to customization around these interests so please contact us to discuss whether specialized modules would be best for you.
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Serving Corporate Clients

We work hard to understand the business and people of our corporate clients. Recognising that each organisation has different needs and our curriculum is therefore fully customisable, Fluency will happily work with your organisation’s lead on language development to design a program and curriculum that meets your needs and requirements, incorporating specific vocabulary and grammar for a variety of fields.

Adapting to University Students

We have worked with Univeristy students to develop curriculums that meet the needs and requirements of their faculty, often at short notice. This includes students from the USA, Australia and Europe. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to discuss your needs – we are here to deliver what you need to advance your studies.