Our Students

Our students come from all over the world to study with us in Lombok and Jakarta, in order to experience our high standards of teaching and customer service. Those who choose to study at Fluency range from students and travellers, to business-people, diplomats, expats and parents.

We are proud of what our students achieve while studying with us, and of the positive feedback we receive. This page honours them by sharing some of their thoughts about Fluency…

You’ve done an excellent job these past two weeks helping improve my Bahasa Indonesia. Yes - I’d highly recommend your program to language learners of any level and will proudly advertise to those I meet seeking professional training in Bahasa Indonesia. You are all wonderful people with much talent, drive and passion.


The time I spent at Fluency was amazing! I learnt a lot and at a fast pace, and will go home feeling that my communication and comprehension skills have improved immensely. Not only that, but I also learnt about many different aspects of daily life in Indonesia from an “insider’s” perspective. The staff at Fluency are great in every sense. They are dedicated, motivated, and willing to go above and beyond to help students out with anything and everything during their stay. And most importantly - they love their jobs, and that makes learning at Fluency a really fun experience.


I can only give Fluency my highest recommendation. Not only have their great teachers and staff managed to teach me Bahasa Indonesia, they’ve also made it an enjoyable experience.


Terimah Kasih for two intensive and fruitful weeks of Bahasa Indonesia. I really felt that it gave my language skills the boost that I needed for my work and life in Jakarta.You and your staff were very responsive to my needs and requests and you adapted to my style of learning and therefore helped me to get the most out of my stay here. Besides that I really enjoyed our discussions and envy you for having your own company in this beautiful spot on Earth.


Fluency has been an excellent place to learn Bahasa Indonesia. The one-on-one with my teacher was excellent, her patience amazing...I look forward to my return and learning more. Oh and the school lunches were a feast everyday - yum!


My experience at Fluency has been a rewarding and happy time - an outstanding learning experience. The school is professional in all ways, but as much as this is important I also enjoyed the personal way the lessons were structured for individual learning. The learning was enhanced by having different teachers all with different personalities and ways of teaching. I enjoyed the interaction with them and learning about their lives. I also appreciated being so well looked-after, like a family member...I would have no hesitation recommending the school and look forward to returning for more tuition.
Traditional textile of Lombok, Indonesia


I only wish I had more time to stay and continue to learn more Bahasa Indonesia. Your school is extremely professional and well organised. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Melissa and Matthew